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Writing across the planet

“I am a writer traveling while working, and working while traveling, and also a linguist for international organizations. I hope you will enjoy my articles, essays, ebooks, short stories, and picture albums.” — Marie Lebert, April 2019.

* about translators

[en] A short history of translation through the ages
[en] A longer history of translation through the ages [IAPTI]

[en] Some famous women translators of the past

[en] A dictionary of famous translators through the ages

* about librarians

[en] A tribute to librarians, heroes of modern times
[es] Homenaje al bibliotecario, héroe de los tiempos modernos
[fr] Hommage au bibliothécaire, héros des temps modernes

[en] L for Library
[es] Con B de Biblioteca
[fr] B comme Bibliothèque

* about ebooks

[en] 40 years of Project Gutenberg – a mini guide

[en] eBooks: 1971-2011 [Project Gutenberg News]

[fr] L’ebook a 40 ans (1971-2011) [ActuaLitté]

* about minority languages

[en] Minority languages on the web
[es] Las lenguas minoritarias en la web
[fr] Les langues minoritaires sur le web

* about a multilingual web

[en] Books and articles on a multilingual web
[es] Libros y artículos en una web multilingüe
[fr] Livres et articles sur un web multilingue

* about medieval manuscripts

[en] The Mont Saint-Michel manuscripts [+ picture album]
[fr] Les manuscrits du Mont Saint-Michel [+ album photo]

* about medieval architecture

[en] Romanesque art in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay [+ picture album]
[fr] L’art roman dans la baie du Mont Saint-Michel [+ album photo]

* about a medieval tapestry

[en] The Bayeux Tapestry through the ages
[fr] La Tapisserie de Bayeux à travers les âges

* about medieval wine

[en] Norman wine in medieval times
[fr] Le vin normand à l’époque médiévale

* about our galaxy

[en] Marble [short timeless galactic novel]
[fr] Bille [court roman galactique intemporel]

* about books (again)

[en] Moon [six timeless stories about books]
[es] Luna [seis cuentos atemporales sobre libros]
[fr] Lune [six nouvelles hors du temps] [Tumblr]

* more

* Articles on languages / Articles on ebooks / Articles on open access
* eBooks in English / eBooks in French / eBooks in Spanish
* Medieval art projects
* Bibliographies

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