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Marble [9] Fifth of January

By Marie Lebert, January 2019.
Drawings by Denis Renard.

“Marble” is a short, timeless, galactic novel for all ages.
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Twenty-eighth of December / Twenty-ninth of December / Thirtieth of December / Thirty-first of December / First of January / Second of January / Third of January / Fourth of January / Fifth of January

It is the fifth of January, and already the evening on planet Coral.

Bub and Boubou had set the alarm of their round clock so that they wouldn’t miss the New Year drinks – delayed by a few days for reasons we all know.

Arm in arm, they walked to the bubble office wearing their party flip-flops. Boubou cried with laughter all the way while Bub was telling her about the new Earthly proverbs he had just learned in the dictionary the day before, and explaining them as best he could.

Everyone was there for the New Year drinks, with family and friends, and with unlimited marble cakes and champagne. To his colleagues’ high relief, Coffee no longer looked like death warmed up. His face even had an unusual spark.

As for Plastic’s face, it was dazzling, and her left eye gave her a strange charm. When she arrived at the bubble office, she briefly checked that her bouquet of roses was still hanging on the top of the glass roof, a good way to make sure once again that her left eye was as effective as a laser.

Chief and Frondex were discussing the comparative merits of their catapults, in a lively conversation presaging a lasting friendship.

Mouse and Hob were listening to them, doubled up with laughter.

The night before, Chief had made a few arrangements in the bubble office, under Frondex’s expert guidance, to be able to practice catapulting on the spot without throwing marbles into colleagues’ eyes.

Chief had also asked for a translucent marbleproof cloth to be hung outside the bubble office, for too swift marbles to ricochet instead of disappearing in the galaxy.

A hungry stomach has no ears, as an Earthly proverb so rightly says. Everyone ate marble cakes and drank champagne before moving on to serious matters. Bets were taken before watching the merciless catapult competition between Chief and Frondex, refereed by Plastic.

During halftime, while sipping a glass of champagne, Plastic expressed the wish to learn how to use a catapult instead of only refereeing catapult competitions. She asked Frondex if he would be willing to accept a new student. Frondex politely agreed because it also meant better wages. In the next seconds, everyone wanted to join in. The first catapulting lesson was planned for the following morning.

Before the New Year competition, Coffee had carefully hidden all his marbles in the secret drawer of his desk. The place of choice was for the “Earthly” marble. While enjoying the quietness of the secret drawer, the “Earthly” marble was a little sad, thinking about the snow white cloth in the window of the City Lights Bookstore, instead of a drawer smelling of coffee.

If Coffee ever needed to send a marble into space in the future, this time for a voluntary scientific mission, the “Earthly” marble was ready for a new challenge. It already had some first-hand experience.

But one thing at a time, as the Earthly proverb said.

[End of the story]

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