Marie Lebert – Publications

translator & librarian
bilingual French-English
fluent in Spanish

# Has worked as a translator and/or librarian for international organisations [please see professional experience at the end of this page].

# Has written articles and ebooks on translation and translators (past and present), on multilingualism on the web, and on ebooks around the world.

# Holds a PhD in linguistics (digital media) from the Sorbonne University, Paris, and a Master of social science (societies and cultures) from the University of Caen, Normandy.

Lists of publications

[fr] Articles in ActuaLitté [since 2010]
[en/es/fr] eBooks in the Community Texts of the Internet Archive [since 2000]
[en/es/fr] eBooks in Project Gutenberg [from 2000 to 2012]

On translation and translators

2022 [en] A short history of translation and translators
2022 [es] Una corta historia de la traducción y de los traductores
2022 [fr] Une courte histoire de la traduction et des traducteurs
2022 [en] 60 translators who changed the world [IAPTI]
2022 [en] Some women translators of the past
2022 [en] English, my beloved second language
2020 [en] A short history of translation through the ages [IAPTI]
2020 [en] A tribute to professional translators around the world [IAPTI]
2020 [en] Translators in the 19th century

2022 [en] Dictionary of translators through the ages
2022 [es] Una historia de la traducción en 120 retratos
2022 [fr] Une histoire de la traduction en 120 portraits
2020 [en] History of translation and translators

On technology

2021 [en] Artificial intelligence (AI) – glossary
2018 [en] Computational linguistics – glossary

On multilingualim on the web

The previous ebooks are mentioned on the home pages of these ebooks.
2019 [en] The web, from English to multilingual
2019 [es] La saga de la web multilingüe
2019 [fr] La saga du web multilingue

On ebooks around the world

The previous ebooks are mentioned on the home pages of these ebooks.
2021 [en] A short history of ebooks
2021 [es] Una corta historia del ebook
2021 [fr] Une courte histoire de l’ebook

2022 [en] A research project on ebooks around the world
2021 [en] A senseless lawsuit against the Internet Archive
2016 [fr] Interview avec Marie Lebert [Labo de l’Édition]
2014 [fr] “Quelques amers dans le vaste océan du net” [Jean-Paul]

On libraries and librarians

2022 [en] A tribute to librarians
2022 [es] Homenaje al bibliotecario
2022 [fr] Hommage au bibliothécaire
2021 [en/es/fr] Timeless short stories
2017 [en] The Mont Saint-Michel manuscripts
2017 [fr] Les manuscrits du Mont Saint-Michel
2011 [en] L for Library
2011 [es] Con B de Biblioteca
2011 [fr] B comme Bibliothèque

On open access

2021 [fr] Le savoir libéré – préface [Peter Suber]
2016 [fr] Qu’est-ce que l’accès ouvert? [OpenEdition] [Peter Suber]
2016 [fr] Présentation de l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber]
2016 [fr] Une très brève introduction à l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber]

Professional experience

# Translator, editor and proofreader for International Correspondents in Education (ICE), including for publications (reports, working papers, studies, guides, policy briefings) of the European Training Foundation (ETF) and for publications of the Department of Education of the European Commission.

# Translator, editor and proofreader for the International Labour Office (ILO), including for the quarterly journal Labour Education published by the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), for the ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety, and for the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

# Cataloguer of international publications (books, periodicals, journals) for the ILO Library.

# Librarian (created the library) for SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management), a joint initiative of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union.

# Cataloguer of international publications (books, periodicals, journals) for the OECD Library.

# Librarian for various projects in Normandy, including contributing to the creation of the Caen Memorial Museum and reorganising the public library in Granville.

# Volunteer translator and/or librarian for countless assignments around the world, including in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, the United States and Australia.

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