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Bilingual French-English linguist, native French speaker
* education for all, languages, cultures, digital media
* researching, writing, translating, editing, proofreading

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* Professional experience
* Professional memberships
* Education
* Articles and books on translation
* Articles on ebooks and languages
* Books on digital media and languages [French]
* Books on digital media and languages [English]
* Books on digital media and languages [Spanish]
* Articles and books on medieval art
* Articles and translations on open access
* Writings in three languages
* Short stories

Professional experience

2005-2017> Linguist for International Correspondents in Education (ICE), with expertise in education, vocational training, lifelong learning, employment, governance and social policy. ICE are specialists in writing, translating and editing for international organizations.
* Has worked as a translator (from English to French), an editor (in French) and a proofreader (in French) for publications of the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission. ICE’s clients also include UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNESCO-UNEVOC (International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training), Transparency International, the GUNI Network (Global University Network for Innovation) and the Talloires Network (an international association committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education).
* Has worked as a bilingual (French-English) research librarian and a translator (from French to English) for the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), Sorbonne University, particularly for a multilateral research programme funded by the European Commission, with an emphasis on education and teaching.
* Has run a self-funded trilingual (French, English, Spanish) research project on ebooks and languages, with 100 participants worldwide and study trips in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle.
* Has been a guest journalist for ActuaLitté, a major French-language online magazine on books and culture.

1996-2004> Linguist for the International Labour Organization (ILO), with expertise in human rights, social rights and labour rights.
* Contributed (as a writer and translator) to the Annual Review under the Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: freedom of association, elimination of forced labour, abolition of child labour, elimination of discrimination at work.
* Contributed (as a librarian and translator) to the indexes and bibliographies of the French version (3rd edition) of the ILO Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety – print version and online version.
* Contributed (as an editor) to French versions of several ILO publications.
* Translated (from English and Spanish to French) articles of Labour Education, a quarterly journal published by the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV).
* Contributed (as a translator) to the French version (5th edition) of the ILO Thesaurus, a compilation of terminology related to work and vocational training.
* Catalogued international publications (books and journals) in Labordoc, the online catalogue of the ILO Library.
* Trained the staff of the ILO Library in the use of AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Version 2), USMARC (US Machine-Readable Cataloguing) and WorldCat.

1992-1996> Librarian for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with expertise in governance and public policy.
* Created a library for SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management in Central and Eastern European Countries), a joint programme of the OECD and the European Union covering five main areas: administrative reform and national strategies, management of policy making, expenditure management, management of the public service, administrative oversight.
* Organized the publication service of SIGMA, and participated in the translation and editing of its website and some working papers.
* Catalogued publications (books and journals) of the OECD Library using the software MultiLis and the cataloguing rules AACR2 and CAN/MARC.
* Catalogued the full journal collection of the OECD Library in the new library system.

1985-1992> Librarian for various organizations.
* Created the library of the Alliance Française in Jerusalem.
* Contributed to the online library catalogue of the French Biblical and Archeological Institute (EBAF) in Jerusalem.
* Participated in the creation of the Memorial of Caen, Normandy, a museum around the D-Day, with interviews, an iconography and a filmography.
* Participated in other regional projects in Normandy, including a survey of children libraries and a library for blind users.
* Reorganized the public library in Granville, Normandy, and created a lending library for adults and children and a reference library including the existing collection of rare books and archives.

Professional memberships

* Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET) / about
* Swiss Silicon Valley Association (SVA) / about
* Project Gutenberg / about


2000> Doctorate of linguistics (digital media) from the Sorbonne University, Paris.
1997> UNESCO certificate of language proficiency in English.
1992> Certificate in English from the International Language Association (ICC).
1987> Master of social science (societies and cultures) from the University of Caen, Normandy.
1987> Master of history (art history) from the University of Caen, Normandy.

Articles and books on translation

2017> [en] A dictionary of famous translators through the ages [contents]
2017> [en] A short history of translation through the ages [web version]
2017> [en] A better life for professional translators [research project]
2016> [en] Books and articles across borders and languages [contents]
2016> [es] Libros y artículos en una web multilingüe [índice]
2015> [fr] Livres et articles sur un web multilingue [table]

Articles on ebooks and languages

2016> [fr] Articles dans ActuaLitté
2016> [fr] Interview sur la lecture numérique [Labo de l’Edition]
2016> [en] Interview on digital reading [Barcelona]
2016> [en] A tribute to librarians, heroes of modern times
2015> [fr] Chronologie du livre numérique des origines à nos jours
2015> [es] Cronología del libro digital desde sus inicios hasta hoy
2015> [en] eBooks: a timeline from 1971 until now
2014> [fr] “Quelques amers dans le vaste océan du net” [Jean-Paul]
2013> [en] A 12-year research project on ebooks (2000-12)
2013> [es] Desde París hasta San Francisco en un ebook
2011> [fr] L’ebook a 40 ans (1971-2011) [ActuaLitté]
2011> [en] eBooks: 1971-2011 [Project Gutenberg News]
2011> [en] Articles on ebooks [TeleRead]
2011> [fr] B comme Bibliothèque [deux expériences personnelles]
2011> [en] L for Library [two personal experiences]
2011> [es] Con B de Biblioteca [dos experiencias personales]

Books on digital media and languages [French]

2015> Livres et articles sur un web multilingue [table]
2015> Le Livre 010101 (1971-2015) [version web] [ENSSIB]
2012> Le web – une encyclopédie multilingue [ENSSIB]
2011> L’ebook a 40 ans (1971-2011) [ENSSIB]
2010> Le livre, de l’imprimé au numérique [ENSSIB]
2010> Booknologie – le livre numérique (1971-2010) [album]
2010> Les langues sur le web
2009> Une courte histoire de l’ebook [ENSSIB]
2009> L’internet et les langues
2008> Les technologies et le livre pour tous
2007> Les mutations du livre à l’heure de l’internet [ENSSIB]
2007> Le Dictionnaire du NEF
2003> Le Livre 010101 – tome 1 (1993-1998) [ENSSIB]
2003> Le Livre 010101 – tome 2 (1998-2003) [ENSSIB]
2002> Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas [ENSSIB]
2002> Entretiens (1998-2001)
2001> Le Livre 010101 – enquête
2000> De l’imprimé à l’internet
2000> Le multilinguisme sur le web

Books on digital media and languages [English]

2016> Books and articles across borders and languages [contents]
2012> The web – a multilingual encyclopedia
2011> The eBook is 40 years old (1971-2011) [excerpts]
2011> 40 years of Project Gutenberg – a miniguide [overview]
2010> Booknology – the eBook (1971-2010) [album]
2009> A short history of ebooks
2009> The internet and languages
2008> Technology and books for all [interactive pdf by Marc Autret]
2002> Interviews / Entretiens / Entrevistas
2002> Interviews (1998-2001)
2000> From the print media to the internet
2000> Multilingualism on the web

Books on digital media and languages [Spanish]

2016> Libros y artículos en una web multilingüe [índice]
2016> El Libro 010101 (1971-2015) [índice]
2012> La web – una enciclopedia multilingüe
2011> El ebook tiene 40 años (1971-2011)
2010> Del libro impreso al libro digital
2010> Booknología – el libro digital (1971-2010) [album]
2009> Una corta historia del ebook
2009> El internet y los idiomas
2008> Las tecnologías y el libro para todos
2002> Entrevistas / Entretiens / Interviews
2002> Entrevistas (1998-2001)

Articles and books on medieval art

2017> [fr] Les manuscrits du Mont Saint-Michel à travers les âges [version web] [album]
2017> [en] The Mont Saint-Michel manuscripts through the ages [web version] [album]
2016> [fr] La Tapisserie de Bayeux à travers les âges [version web]
2016> [en] The Bayeux Tapestry through the ages [web version]
2016> [fr] Le vin normand à l’époque médiévale [version web]
2016> [en] Norman wine in medieval times [web version]
2016> [fr] L’art roman dans la baie du Mont Saint-Michel [album]
2016> [en] Romanesque art in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay [album]
2011> [fr] La Jérusalem médiévale
2010> [fr] L’art roman dans le Sud-Manche
2010> [fr] L’art roman dans le Sud-Manche – album

Articles and translations on open access

[as an author]
2016> [fr] 35 questions sur l’accès ouvert à la recherche
2015> [en] Open access: a “chronology” (or timeline) [album]
2015> [es] Diez puntos clave para comprender el acceso abierto
2013> [en] DOAJ offers 10,000 open access journals from 124 countries in 51 languages
2012> [en] OpenEdition, a platform for academic journals and books

[as a translator]
2016> [fr] Qu’est-ce que l’accès ouvert? [Peter Suber] [OpenEdition Press]
2012> [fr] Présentation de l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber] [DASH]
2012> [fr] Une très brève introduction à l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber] [DASH]

Writings in three languages

Writings at Internet Archive [2000-2017]
Writings at Project Gutenberg [2000-2012]
Writings at ManyBooks [2000-2010]

Short stories

[fr] Lune [six nouvelles hors du temps] [Tumblr]
[en] Moon [six timeless stories about books]
[es] Luna [seis cuentos atemporales sobre libros]

[fr] Bille [court roman galactique intemporel]
[en] Marble [short timeless galactic novel]

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