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Main interests:
* education for all, digital media, languages, art, open access
* researching, writing, translating, editing, proofreading, organizing, cataloguing, indexing

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* Professional experience
* Professional memberships
* Education
* Articles on digital media
* Articles on open access
* Articles on medieval art
* Books in French
* Books in English
* Books in Spanish
* Books in three languages
* Short stories

Professional experience

2005-2016> Contracts with International Correspondents in Education (ICE), with expertise in teaching and training at all levels, vocational and lifelong learning, and human rights. ICE is a global network of researchers, writers, translators, editors and librarians. Its main clients are the European Training Foundation (ETF), a European agency working with neighbouring transition and developing countries, and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission.

1996-2004> Contracts with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, with expertise in social and labour rights.
* Contributed (as a writer and translator) to the Annual review under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work: freedom of association, elimination of forced labour, abolition of child labour, elimination of discrimination at work.
* Contributed (as a librarian and translator) to the indexes and bibliographies of the French version (3rd edition) of the ILO Encyclopaedia of occupational health and safety, print version and online version.
* Contributed (as an editor) to French versions of other ILO publications.
* Translated articles of Labour Education, a quarterly journal published by the Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV).
* Contributed (as a translator) to the French version (5th edition) of the ILO Thesaurus, a compilation of terminology related to work and professional training.
* Catalogued international publications (books and journals) in Labordoc, the online catalogue of the ILO Library.
* Trained the staff of the ILO Library in the use of AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Version 2), USMARC (US Machine-Readable Cataloguing) and WorldCat.

1992-1996> Contracts with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France, with expertise in international relations and public policy.
* Created a library for SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management in Central and Eastern European Countries), a joint programme of the OECD and the European Union covering five main areas: administrative reform and national strategies, management of policy making, expenditure management, management of the public service, administrative oversight.
* Organized the publication service of SIGMA, and participated in the translation and editing of its website and some working papers.
* Catalogued international publications (books and journals) of the OECD Library using the software MultiLis and the cataloguing rules AACR2 and CAN/MARC.
* Catalogued the full journal collection of the OECD Library in the new library system.

1985-1992> Contracts in various places.
* Created the library of the Alliance Française in Jerusalem.
* Contributed to the online library catalogue of the French Biblical and Archeological Institute (EBAF) in Jerusalem, and to other library catalogues.
* Participated in the creation of the Memorial of Caen, Normandy, a museum around the D-Day, with interviews, an iconography and a filmography.
* Participated in other regional projects in Normandy, such as a survey of children libraries and a library for blind users.
* Reorganized the public library in Granville, Normandy, and created a lending library for adults and children, and a reference library including the existing collection of rare books and archives.

Professional memberships

* Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET) / About
* Swiss Silicon Valley Association (SVA) / About
* Project Gutenberg / About


2000> Ph.D. in linguistics and information science from the EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes), Sorbonne University, Paris.
1997> UNESCO certificate of language proficiency in English.
1992> Certificate in English from the ICC (International Language Association).
1987> Master’s degree in social science (societies and cultures) from the University of Caen, Normandy.
1987> Master’s degree in history (history of art) from the University of Caen, Normandy.

Articles on digital media

2016> [fr] Articles dans ActuaLitté
2016> [fr] Interview sur la lecture numérique [Labo de l’Edition]
2016> [en] Interview on digital reading [Anna Casas]
2015> [fr] Chronologie du livre numérique des origines à nos jours
2015> [es] Cronología del libro digital desde sus inicios hasta hoy
2015> [en] eBooks: a timeline from 1971 until now
2014> [fr] “Quelques amers dans le vaste océan du net” [Jean-Paul]
2013> [en] A 12-year research project on ebooks (2000-12)
2013> [es] Desde París hasta San Francisco en un ebook
2011> [fr] L’ebook a 40 ans (1971-2011) [ActuaLitté]
2011> [en] eBooks: 1971-2011 [Project Gutenberg News]
2011> [en] Articles on ebooks [TeleRead]
2011> [fr] B comme Bibliothèque [deux expériences personnelles]
2011> [en] L for Library [two personal experiences]
2011> [es] Con B de Biblioteca [dos experiencias personales]

Articles on open access

2016> [fr] 35 questions sur l’accès ouvert à la recherche
2015> [en] Open access: a “chronology” (or timeline)
2015> [es] Diez puntos clave para comprender el acceso abierto
2013> [en] DOAJ offers 10,000 open access journals from 124 countries in 51 languages
2012> [fr] Présentation de l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber] [traduction] [DASH]
2012> [fr] Une très brève introduction à l’accès ouvert [Peter Suber] [traduction] [DASH]
2012> [en] OpenEdition, a platform for academic journals and books

Articles on medieval art

2016> [fr] Le vin normand à l’époque médiévale [WordPress]
2016> [fr] Les manuscrits du Mont Saint-Michel à travers les âges [WordPress] [pdf & epub]
2016> [en] The Mont Saint-Michel manuscripts through the ages [WordPress] [pdf]
2015> [fr] L’art roman dans la baie du Mont Saint-Michel [pdf]
2015> [en] Romanesque art in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay [pdf]
2010> [fr] L’art roman dans le Sud-Manche [pdf & epub]
2010> [fr] L’art roman dans le Sud-Manche [album] [pdf & epub]

Books in French

2015> Le Livre 010101 (1971-2015) [version web d’Antoine Fauchié]
2015> Le Livre 010101 (1971-2015) [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2015> Livres et articles sur un web multilingue [pdf & epub] [table]
2012> Le web, une encyclopédie multilingue [pdf]
2011> L’ebook a 40 ans (1971-2011) [pdf]
2010> Le livre, de l’imprimé au numérique [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2010> Booknologie. Le livre numérique (1971-2010) [epub]
2010> Les langues sur le web [pdf & epub]
2009> Une courte histoire de l’ebook [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2009> L’internet et les langues [epub]
2008> Les technologies et le livre pour tous [pdf & epub]
2007> Les mutations du livre à l’heure de l’internet [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2007> Le Dictionnaire du NEF [pdf & epub]
2003> Le Livre 010101. Tome 1 (1993-1998) [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2003> Le Livre 010101. Tome 2 (1998-2003) [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2002> Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas [pdf & epub] [résumé]
2002> Entretiens (1998-2001) [epub]
2001> Le Livre 010101 [enquête] [epub]
2000> De l’imprimé à l’internet [epub]
2000> Le multilinguisme sur le web [epub]

Books in English

2016> Books and articles across borders and languages [pdf & epub] [contents]
2011> 40 years of Project Gutenberg. A mini guide [pdf]
2010> Booknology. The eBook (1971-2010) [epub]
2009> A short history of eBooks [pdf & epub]
2009> The internet and languages [pdf]
2009> Technology and books for all [interactive pdf by Marc Autret]
2008> Technology and books for all [pdf & epub]
2002> Interviews / Entretiens / Entrevistas [pdf & epub]
2002> Interviews (1998-2001) [epub]
2000> From the print media to the internet [epub]
2000> Multilingualism on the web [epub]

Books in Spanish

2016> Libros y artículos en una web multilingüe [pdf & epub] [índice]
2016> El Libro 010101 (1971-2015) [pdf & epub] [índice]
2010> Del libro impreso al libro digital [pdf & epub]
2010> Booknología. El libro digital (1971-2010) [epub]
2009> Una corta historia del eBook [pdf & epub]
2009> El internet y los idiomas [epub]
2008> Las tecnologías y el libro para todos [epub]
2002> Entrevistas / Entretiens / Interviews [pdf & epub]
2002> Entrevistas (1998-2001) [epub]

Books in three languages

Books in the Internet Archive [2000-2016]
Books at Project Gutenberg [2000-2012]
Books at [2000-2010]

Short stories

2016> [fr] Bille [court roman galactique intemporel]
2015> [fr] Lune [six nouvelles hors du temps ayant trait au livre]
2015> [fr] Lune [avec un design de Zoé Quentel]
2015> [en] Moon [six timeless short stories about books]
2015> [es] Luna [seis cuentos atemporales sobre libros]

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